Seven ways to help Thomas Armour Youth Ballet before Give Miami Day. No, it’s not just donating!

Give Miami Day is a 24-hour, city wide giving event. Thanks to the Miami Foundation initiatives in Miami are able to raise money for their programs. Thomas Armour Youth Ballet (TAYB) has been a part of Give Miami Day for six years now. So you’re a TAYB supporter and you want to know how to help. Here are seven ways to help in addition to donating. So, you are a TAYB supporter and you want to know how to help… Here are seven ways to help in addition to donating.

1. Complete a pledge form

You don’t have to wait until Give Miami day on November 19th. You can complete a pledge form instead of waiting to make a donation the day of. Click here to complete a pledge form.

2. If you are on our email list forward our emails to your friends

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3. Mark your calendars so you don’t forget

There is so much going on now and it’s easy to forget. Mark your calendars on your phones to get a reminder that day through Apple, Google, or Outlook.

4. Share on social media

Did you know TAYB is on social media? If you didn’t the first thing you can do is give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram! What can you do once you follow us? You can share on your platform and add your own message. TAYB new posts almost every day you can share.

5. Watch and share videos.

Videos are shared on YouTube and Facebook. You can help us by simply watching and sharing these videos with your friends and family.

6. Create your own Give Miami Day post.

Put together your own post. Use your own words about how you believe TAYB impacts lives or how it has impacted your own. Sharing with your authentic voice makes a huge impact.

7. Add Give Miami Day link to your profile.

You can put the Give Miami Day link in your profile. Your followers that are interested can make a pledge or donate on Thursday, November 19th. Click here for the link for your profile.

Remember every bit helps! If you can only post, follow us on social media, make a donation big or small you are making an impact on our student’s lives. If you would like to make a pledge today click the button below.





Ways you can help our community during this time.

With the tragedy that has struck our world over the past few weeks, having a sense of community is more important than ever. The TAYB team is working hard to provide our students with quality virtual programming, and our families with positive and useful content. In this post, we are sharing ways to incorporate supporting your community during this uncertain time.


In times of crisis, communities rally to support each other. In an effort to support our local community and specifically local businesses owned by TAYB parents and alumni, we have created the directory below. We hope you will consider this list when making purchases, ordering your weekly meals or for future use. To fill out the form to be a part of our local business directory click here. 


Dance schools and fitness studios are doing their best very best to deliver quality classes to you during the time their businesses are closed. Some classes are even free! If you are able, give a donation to show your support for providing these classes and help them while income is low. Check out the social media profiles of your favorite studios to see what they’re up to. For more information on classes, we are offering click here.


Sharing social media and blog posts is more than every. Most businesses are staying afloat by keeping classes and services running through their social media profiles. Sharing classes and information from local businesses is an awesome way to help.


We will come out on the other side of this with our communities stronger than ever if we all support each other in any way we can. Consider these suggestions or share any ideas you have by emailing

What you’re supporting on Miami’s day of giving.

Thursday, November 21st is Miami’s biggest day of giving and we want you to get involved. Every year The Miami Foundation hosts Give Miami Day , a 24-hour fundraising event. Organizations across the city raise funds for their incredible missions that make a huge impact on our community. Throughout the day there will be prizes all organizations are eligible for and a percentage of every donation given will be matched. Here’s the programming and projects you’ll be supporting if you choose the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet this Give Miami Day.


Quality after school programs at an extremely low cost? We know what you’re thinking…..not possible. Thanks to the support of the Children’s Trust we expanded our four sites that once just danced classes after school to a full after school program with reading, homework assistance, dance lessons, and emotional literacy. We want to continue to build on this programming across four sites and you can support that by participating on Give Miami Day.


Scholarships are offered at the main site for dance training at the main site during the school year and for summer intensives. All scholarships are based on financial need and are given on a sliding scale. Families are able to pay what they can rather than cutting back on valuable training for their children.


The Nutcracker is a huge part of who we are and Miami’s history. Our production of The Nutcracker is no ordinary production of the holiday classic. This Nutcracker is the longest-running Nutcracker production in Miami, it is the most diverse production of the Nutcracker in the city, and we do not charge families to participate in it. Students from all of our sites audition for the performance and aren’t charged a fee for rehearsals, costumes, makeup, etc. This makes participating accessible to everyone. This is what makes our Nutcracker so unique.


Our after school program if for children ages 5-11 years old. What happens once they age out of the program? We offer a scholarship at our main site to continue quality dance training.


Every year we provide room and board to students attending summer intensives in New York City. Attending summer intensives at professional companies can be very expensive for families. To make this once in a lifetime experience available we cut the cost by offering this program.


In order to provide more programming, we are renovating the space and adding THREE more studios! This project will begin in 2020 but if you would like to make a contribution toward our capital campaign it’s never too early.

We hope after reading about our current programming and future plans you feel excited to make your contribution on Give Miami Day on Thursday, November 21st.

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Meet the Team: Employee Highlight Series

Thomas Armour Youth Ballet’s team members are the fabric of our organization. For this reason, we have decided to highlight members of the team in our blog to learn a little more about them and what they like about working at Thomas Armour Youth Ballet.
Our first employee spotlight is Jeannette Othello. She is a site counselor at our after school program at Morningside K-8 Academy in Little Haiti. She has been working with us since the beginning of our after school program expansion and we are so lucky to still have her on our team. We hope you enjoy this little Q & A!
Q: Can you introduce yourself?
A: My name is Jeannette Othello I am a student counselor with Thomas Armour Youth Ballet at the Little Haiti location at Morningside K-8 academy. I’ve been with the program for five years.
Q: What’s your favorite memory at the program?
A: My favorite memory is from a student I had named Alex Ramos. He was very active and he kept me on my toes but in the end, we had a great bond.
Q: What makes the work meaningful to you?
A: The fact that I get to come here every day and having the opportunity to work with each child and putting a smile on their faces even on their bad days.
Q: Who is an employee at the program you enjoy working with?
A: I enjoy working with Judith Thomas (Site Supervisor) she’s very organized and she’s very universal when it comes to dealing with others.
Q: What are the three traits that define you as an employee?
A: I am self-disciplined and flexible.
Q: What is the best advice you’ve received?
A: Do your best in whatever you do.
Q: What motivates you in the morning?
A: My children.
To learn more about the program Jeannette works at click here. 

Why Support Thomas Armour Youth Ballet On Give Miami Day?

Give Miami Day is Miami’s biggest city-wide fundraising 24 hour event with over 600 participating organizations. It is an incredible opportunity to support the causes you most believe in! Here are a couple of reasons to consider supporting Thomas Armour Youth Ballet on Give Miami Day.

Scholarship Programs

Thomas Armour Youth Ballet (TAYB) believes all children regardless of their economic background should have access to the arts. For this reason, TAYB provides scholarships based on financial need rather than giving talent-based scholarships.

Free After School and Summer Programming

Free after-school and summer programming for students ages 5-11 is a huge part of the organization. TAYB’s after-school programming is a comprehensive combination of dance and academics. Participating students receive a variety of dance classes taught by professional teachers, as well as homework assistance, and reading lessons. In summer months, in addition to dance and reading, students also receive music and art classes!

Dance In New York City Program

Every year Thomas Armour Youth Ballet sends advanced students for a once in a lifetime experience to participate in summer dance programs in New York City. Housing costs, food, and a chaperone are provided to the students for free.

Next Steps Program

After students outgrow our after-school programming we offer them the opportunity to continue their dance training at our main site in South Miami through our Next Steps Program.

Performance Opportunity: The Nutcracker Ballet

Students from all 5 sites ages 8 and up are invited to participate in TAYB’s annual production of the Nutcracker Ballet at no cost! This opportunity allows children to experience what it is like to perform for a large audience in professional costumes on a real stage! There are four performances, one performance that is open to the general public and three school field trip performances at affordable prices to make the Nutcracker accessible to schools all over our community. Over 6,000 school children see TAYB’s production of the Nutcracker every year.

If you’re still not convinced yet click here to learn more about Give Miami Day and Thomas Armour Youth Ballet. If you would like to pledge your support click here. 

Proud To Announce Funding From The Miami Foundation & Coral Gables Community Foundation

Thomas Armour Youth Ballet (TAYB) is proud to announce funding from The Miami Foundation and The Coral Gables Community Foundation to support the Next Steps Program and Stomp Style music classes at our West Coconut Grove site.

The Next Steps Program was created to give students that no longer attend TAYB’s after-school program the opportunity to take more advanced classes once they’ve completed the levels the after-school program offers. Students that choose to participate in the Next Steps Program are offered a partial or full scholarship. Before the Next Steps Program, students would have to solely rely on receiving dance training from their home school or magnet school if offered or they would stop dancing completely. The Next Steps Program also provides assistance in finding transportation and one on one mentoring for college-bound students, especially those who are first in the family to advance beyond high school graduation.

TAYB has wanted to offer a music component at the satellite site summer camps. This summer TAYB will bring music to the kids through Stomp Style Music lessons. Thanks to The Coral Gables Community Foundation this amazing opportunity will be funded and provided to the children free of charge. These music classes will be just one part of a summer camp that includes dance, reading, field trips, and more.

Another big thank you to The Miami Foundation and Coral Gables Community Foundation for making these programs possible! To learn more about Thomas Armour Youth Ballet’s After School program click here. 

Emotional Literacy and Meditation – Another way TAYB prepares students to succeed in life.

Meditation is a hot topic of conversation in today’s world. We are quickly learning of the benefits it brings both at a neurological and emotional level, as well as the positive long-term impact it can have in someone’s life. That is why the practice is becoming more and more common at schools and programs such as TAYB’s After School & Summer Camp programs.

Schools like The Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore, MD have been using mindful meditation as an alternative to detention for the past few years. They report that in the last year, they have seen zero suspensions and no suspensions so far this year. And they are not alone, other schools using mindful meditation have shown a dramatic decrease in suspensions, bullying, and fighting as well as an increase in attendance and performance.

Unfortunately, students from underserved neighborhoods don’t always have access to these “in trend” wellness activities as quickly or as consistently as their peers from more fortunate circumstances do. Because we want to level the playing field, and ensure all students are ready to face life’s challenges with emotional soundness and an arsenal of tools for dealing with life’s curveballs, TAYB brought in the evidence-based Triumph Program to its Satellite Sites last summer.

As their website explains, “Triumph is a systematic, consistent and simple program that was designed with students and teachers in mind. Triumph takes into consideration the multiple responsibilities educators have, and gives an effortless, easy to use program with limitless benefits for the students and teachers. Designed to help students become goal oriented, empowered, centered, creative, and socially responsible members of society. It includes a set of tools and strategies to help students get in touch with their unlimited potential to create the extraordinary life they deserve”

Through affirmation and calming 5-minute audios that are easy to implement, students (and staff) are able to settle their mind, find power within, and rewire their brain with positive phrases and reassuring statements regarding their own self-worth, intelligence and power!

In under one year of implementing this program at the satellite sites, we are already seeing results! Students from the Morningside K-8 Academy site participated in the filming of a promo video for the program and were interviewed by triumph’s founder Beatriz.

Students were asked questions such as “How do you think the audio helps you”, and “What is your favorite part of the audio” and their answers were amazing and inspiring! Students claimed they are able to manage their emotions, are able to get rid of jitters before tests by recalling the messages in the audio and are even inspiring their parents to take up meditation!

We are so excited for what is to come as we continue to explore the impact that Triumph and like-minded programs can do for our students and cannot wait to share the promo video with you once it is published!

Click here to learn more about what we do at our outreach after school programs and summer camps.




What A Summer: Thomas Armour Youth Ballet’s Outreach Summer Camps 2017

They came, they saw, they danced. Another summer camp season has passed, leaving behind a plethora of memories and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

We welcomed over 250 campers across our four outreach sites this past summer and for the first time ever offered music, art, spoken word and cooking classes! Of course, with 8 hour days, the kids were still able to participate in reading and dance classes- which by the way,  included Bollywood, Salsa, Flamenco and Musical Theater, Hip-Hop and West African in addition to ballet, modern and tap.

Thomas Armour Youth Ballet’s  amazing staff went above and beyond to make sure the kids were not too bummed about the reading…. Ms. Deborah turned her classroom into the setting of “The Hideout” novel by Peg Kehret which made her classroom look like a hotel room, enchanting all the students. On some days, they took the books outside and read under a tree while drinking cold lemonade… oh to be 10 again….

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, students participated in field trips to an African Drumming Workshop, the Frost Science Museum, Key Biscayne Nature Center and Seminole Theater. 


Non-field trip days were exciting too though! Campers received visits from Gabie’s Bus, Oral Health Institute and YES Institute throughout the 8 weeks.

We are so happy with the success of our camps, and beyond thrilled about all the memories and friendships that were made all while improving reading scores, gaining life skills, and DANCING.

Still want to hear more about the summer camp we had this year? Check out the video below!


Our Connect Miami Project At After School Program In Little Haiti

It was a time where students, parents and staff, worked together on a community project, in a way that was different for ever

yone. We worked on creating a “sawdust alfombra” meaning a carpet made from sawdust. In several countries, this is an Easter tradition as communities would work together to create a colorful display on specific streets. These are judged for competition (design, colors, how elaborate, creativity) in some Central American countries during “The Holy Week” of Easter bringing many to watch and admire these carpets that sometimes take up many blocks.

At Morningside we began by coloring the sawdust with food coloring. However, that was insufficient, so we added paint and or dye, to get more vibrant colors. Some little ones added too much water and were saddened when they realized we were not making soup. Sadly, they had to wait a day or two to allow the sun to dry it up. After that, all groups were listening and trying to follow directions to avoid messing up.

When colors were reached that satisfied each group, we put them out to dry in the sun. Days later, instead of using the ground where school children travelled, we built frames  so that we could move them after completion. We have three classes and within each class, we had smaller groups of 3-4 students. Then they were charged with a theme and whatever they chose to contribute to that theme, they will design a cardboard mold that the sawdust will go in. Eventually, the preK-1st grade students used shapes to create a robot or scarecrow, depending on your angle when viewing.

The 2nd – 3rd grade students depicted a floral arch used as the background for beautiful pictures or a variation of pinwheels, if you’re looking from a side angle.

Finally, the 4th-5th grade students had much more to sort out because there were many “chiefs and no Indians.” Eventually, they designed a colorful sign with the letters: TAYB. The landscape surrounding it merged many colors to exhibit the diversity and unity among them; yet, their freedom to innovate. The last box was an abstract design to complete our carpet.

There were happy times and frustrating moments; clean areas and messy, dirty workstations; Ms. Deborah had a lot of dirty clothes while Ms. Judith did not enjoy sawdust in her hair and face. Mr. Jacques fingers stiffened from stapling cardboard shapes and Mr. Bernard sunburnt from building the frames. Ms. Jeanette was snapping pictures while monitoring those argumentative moments when group members were trying to abandon one group for another that looked more successful at that moment. Finally, Ms. Dashon, created the banner by having all students, parents and staff, trace one hand and decorate it, promoting that connection.

Several parents helped along the way in various ways and everyone had fun. The best part was the big smile when that finished product was displayed.  Almost daily, some students are asking when will we do it again while others suggested, let’s do it for Christmas. Regardless of a next time, clearly our sawdust creations conceived memories that will linger for ages, big and small, proudly show off to any person entering the premises of TAYB Morningside.