Seven ways to help Thomas Armour Youth Ballet before Give Miami Day. No, it’s not just donating!

Give Miami Day is a 24-hour, city wide giving event. Thanks to the Miami Foundation initiatives in Miami are able to raise money for their programs. Thomas Armour Youth Ballet (TAYB) has been a part of Give Miami Day for six years now. So you’re a TAYB supporter and you want to know how to help. Here are seven ways to help in addition to donating. So, you are a TAYB supporter and you want to know how to help… Here are seven ways to help in addition to donating.

1. Complete a pledge form

You don’t have to wait until Give Miami day on November 19th. You can complete a pledge form instead of waiting to make a donation the day of. Click here to complete a pledge form.

2. If you are on our email list forward our emails to your friends

We send out emails every other day leading up to the Give Miami Day. You can easily forward emails to your friends. To subscribe click here. 


3. Mark your calendars so you don’t forget

There is so much going on now and it’s easy to forget. Mark your calendars on your phones to get a reminder that day through Apple, Google, or Outlook.

4. Share on social media

Did you know TAYB is on social media? If you didn’t the first thing you can do is give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram! What can you do once you follow us? You can share on your platform and add your own message. TAYB new posts almost every day you can share.

5. Watch and share videos.

Videos are shared on YouTube and Facebook. You can help us by simply watching and sharing these videos with your friends and family.

6. Create your own Give Miami Day post.

Put together your own post. Use your own words about how you believe TAYB impacts lives or how it has impacted your own. Sharing with your authentic voice makes a huge impact.

7. Add Give Miami Day link to your profile.

You can put the Give Miami Day link in your profile. Your followers that are interested can make a pledge or donate on Thursday, November 19th. Click here for the link for your profile.

Remember every bit helps! If you can only post, follow us on social media, make a donation big or small you are making an impact on our student’s lives. If you would like to make a pledge today click the button below.





Alumnus Jasmine Ward’s Performance On The Ellen Show.

Jasmine Ward was a student at Thomas Armour Youth Ballet for a decade. Receiving training at the school and participating in annual productions of the Nutcracker. We are proud to highlight all her successes. Read more to see what she’s up to now!

Training Background

I grew up training at the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet while also attending New World School of the Arts and performing in the annual Nutcrackers. I then graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis and attended various summer intensives, including ABT New York, Joffrey Chicago, and Complexions Contemporary Ballet.

Recent Projects

Since moving to New York two years ago, I’ve danced with the New York Theatre Ballet, Brooklyn Ballet and Ballet Next. I’ve also played Pecola Breedlove in the Arden Theatre’s Company’s production of “Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye”. I audition often and take dance, voice and acting classes.

How she was selected for Future’s music video

I was recommended for the Future music video as a result of the people I’ve met while auditioning. All we knew was that the music video was for a major hip hop artist. It wasn’t until we were on location that it was revealed it was for Future.

Experience on The Ellen Show

The Ellen Show was unexpected. I received a call just one day before flying to LA, and after arriving, the other dancer and I had little time to prepare as we were going to shoot the following day. However, the performance was based on the music video, so we had an idea of what to expect and fortunately, we both kept our costumes. The day of, we had a very short rehearsal, then the cameras started rolling. It all went by very fast, but I enjoy every second of it!


Jasmine is currently working on more projects that we look forward to sharing soon!

To learn more about what our TAYB alumni are up to click here to view our Alumni Update.


See What Our Alumni Our Alumni Are Up To

100% of Thomas Armour Youth Ballet’s alumni go on to college or pursue a professional career in dance. We are proud of all of their accomplishments. See them for yourself!


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