For the past 28 years Thomas Armour Youth Ballet has worked to address the issue of limited options and opportunities for children in Miami Dade County.

TAYB creates paths to success, using dance as a vehicle, to gain entrance to high quality K-12 schools, followed by college. A strong arts education gives our students crucial life skills, including a strong work ethic, social skills, discipline, consistency, focus, and the ability to delay gratification. Learned young, those skills are applied to any long-term goal encountered in life.

TAYB’s Dance as a Vehicle to Success program makes professional training accessible to all families, by bringing the classes directly to neighborhoods from one end of the county to the other. Furthermore, in an effort to narrow academic gaps in our children from low performing schools, TAYB has added academic programming at outreach sites.

  • Activities of TAYB’s outreach programming include:
  • Dance Classes
  • Homework Assistance
  • Reading Classes
  •  Nutrition

All activities are delivered to students by experienced artistic and academic staff. You can find us at:

Little Haiti
West Grove
Miami Gardens