Emotional Literacy and Meditation – Another way TAYB prepares students to succeed in life.

Meditation is a hot topic of conversation in today’s world. We are quickly learning of the benefits it brings both at a neurological and emotional level, as well as the positive long-term impact it can have in someone’s life. That is why the practice is becoming more and more common at schools and programs such as TAYB’s After School & Summer Camp programs.

Schools like The Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore, MD have been using mindful meditation as an alternative to detention for the past few years. They report that in the last year, they have seen zero suspensions and no suspensions so far this year. And they are not alone, other schools using mindful meditation have shown a dramatic decrease in suspensions, bullying, and fighting as well as an increase in attendance and performance.

Unfortunately, students from underserved neighborhoods don’t always have access to these “in trend” wellness activities as quickly or as consistently as their peers from more fortunate circumstances do. Because we want to level the playing field, and ensure all students are ready to face life’s challenges with emotional soundness and an arsenal of tools for dealing with life’s curveballs, TAYB brought in the evidence-based Triumph Program to its Satellite Sites last summer.

As their website explains, “Triumph is a systematic, consistent and simple program that was designed with students and teachers in mind. Triumph takes into consideration the multiple responsibilities educators have, and gives an effortless, easy to use program with limitless benefits for the students and teachers. Designed to help students become goal oriented, empowered, centered, creative, and socially responsible members of society. It includes a set of tools and strategies to help students get in touch with their unlimited potential to create the extraordinary life they deserve”

Through affirmation and calming 5-minute audios that are easy to implement, students (and staff) are able to settle their mind, find power within, and rewire their brain with positive phrases and reassuring statements regarding their own self-worth, intelligence and power!

In under one year of implementing this program at the satellite sites, we are already seeing results! Students from the Morningside K-8 Academy site participated in the filming of a promo video for the program and were interviewed by triumph’s founder Beatriz.

Students were asked questions such as “How do you think the audio helps you”, and “What is your favorite part of the audio” and their answers were amazing and inspiring! Students claimed they are able to manage their emotions, are able to get rid of jitters before tests by recalling the messages in the audio and are even inspiring their parents to take up meditation!

We are so excited for what is to come as we continue to explore the impact that Triumph and like-minded programs can do for our students and cannot wait to share the promo video with you once it is published!

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